Max 4 people
6 week course (6 x 1 hour sessions)
Flexible start dates, subject to demand.

Combining Pilates-inspired mat exercises with fully functional resistance training and even some stress-busting meditation techniques, the Baby Mama 6 Week Course is a safe and effective way for you to strengthen and retrain your postnatal mind and body to not only deal with the physical demands of motherhood, but to get you feel strong and empowered and confident in yourself too. .
We’ll work through postnatal core basics, learning how to reconnect to our core now baby is earth side, how to restore and protect the pelvic floor, how to strengthen key areas of the body that become weak during pregnancy, how to relax your mind and how to use your newfound strength and ‘space’ in the rest of your life – whether that’s back in the gym, or just dealing with children at home! 


I have advanced qualifications in postnatal exercise programming, and have experience in training clients with serious diastasis recti (tummy separation), pelvic floor weakness, pelvic girdle pain and serious postural adaptations and weak joints. There’s a lot of companies that market to new mums because they know that body confidence can take a hit when we’re sleep deprived, weepy and feeling a bit ‘jelly’ like. What I can do is help to rebuild your confidence from the inside out, and help you avoid all the typical aches and pains that us mums tend to suffer from. I’m not going to promise you’re going to lose loads of weight – because now is not the time to be focusing on that. But you will finish the course feeling stronger in yourself and better able to deal with whatever life throws at you.